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Best Run Year Ever? 

Join our community of runners of all levels so you can run faster, stronger and smarter while having your best run year ever!

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How the Best Run Year Ever Works

1. Choose your goal race for the year. Your Personal Everest! (PE) This should be a goal that inspires you, and as a bi-product, positively impacts every other day of your year! This goal is specific to you, whether it's to start running and complete your first 5k or to qualify for the Boston Marathon, you are welcome here! 
2. You will get a running & strength training plan (& optional nutrition plan) to achieve your goal while become a stronger, faster runner!
3. I will hold you accountable to your training & the group will support you and cheer for you along the way. 

Bonus: Monthly mini challenges and a chance to earn prizes like running fuel, shoes, gear and more for your training! 

Is this for you???

  • Are you a busy runner who wants to level up yet needs a plan to help you work smarter, not harder to achieve your running goals?
  • Want to get more consistent with your running & strength training and become a more well rounded, faster runner?
  • Feel like something is missing in your running but you aren’t sure what?
  • Know that you can improve your nutrition & strength training but struggle to find a schedule or nutrition plan that you can stick with?
  • Want to be part of a community of runners who understand you?

Interested in learning more?

Drop your info below and I'll reach out with more info and a custom enrollment recommendation! 

Participate in monthly challenges to win amazing prizes like a Yeti, the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbooks, and more! 
Training Plans 
Get a training plan to follow every day of the year that includes running and strength. 
Training for a race? You get one race distance specific training plan included in your enrollment! 
A monthly, recorded, training with a run specific expert. 
Private community off social media with other women chasing their goals

Total Runner Focus with All-Season Support


Train with intention & maximize the time you have.

We have created the exact roadmap to help you train in all seasons of your training year. We help you customize your roadmap to YOUR individual goal races & “Personal Everest” event so you know what to focus on when.


Program Details:


  • Feel supported, encouraged & have fun while training! 
  • Likeminded community of runners of all abilities, paces and sizes who are leveling up together in a private app off of social media. 
  • Log your workouts & runs and get feedback/ask questions, get accountability & encouragement. 

Run and Strength Training Plans

  • 3 options: 
1. Get a detailed (custom to your race date) training plan with long run, speed workouts & BODi home strength workouts (5K, 10K, 2 half marathon, marathon plan options)
2. Basic run + BODi home strength training schedule (released monthly)
3. Use your own run schedule & implement the home strength workouts from BODi.


  • Tips and guidance posted to the private community weekly 
  • Monthly learning call with running professional (run coaches, registered dietitians, physical therapists, performance mindset coaches)
  • Ability to ask a certified run coach questions related to your specific training
  • Suggestions for further education: podcasts, books, etc if desired.

Fun and Prizes

  • 2 prize opportunities: 
    • 1 week challenge with different focus each month (aka foam rolling challenge, eat your veggies challenge etc.) 
    • Monthly prize for logging at least 5 workouts/week + using at least one supplement.
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Misadventure Coaching

I’m Jen, the founder and coach of Misadventure Coaching. I started coaching in 2019 after I left teaching full-time. It was my passion project - a way to continue teaching while having more flexibility with my girls. It has become a huge part of my life and I still absolutely love it. Cheering on women, supporting them through their running journey and the big life changes that affect running, watching them put in the work and crush their goals is why I coach. There is nothing better than watching a woman’s confidence grow when she achieves a running milestone.


"I feel so good in my body. I've lost 14 pounds and I just feel better" 


"I thought I was done with the marathon. But this training cycle was so fun. I can't thank you enough. I can't wait for the next one."